TV and Film Set Design, Construction and Consultation

We have worked on numerous film and television projects, building practical Radio Studio Sets for TV and film. Our latest work includes:

Alan Partridge Alpha Papa (Movie)
Drifters (E4)
Alan Partridge Mid Morning Matters (Sky Atlantic)
Hospital People (BBC)

Each of the sets were individual and practical, using equipment most likely to be seen and used in the given scenario. Hospital People, with the comedic Character Ivan Brackenbury, required the use of 1970's style "Cart machines" to ensure his signature gag worked visually and practically. Baby Cow, makes of Alan Partridge, required a completely working radio studio, for absolute reality. the microphones seen on-set were the actual ones capturing the audio, while feeding into the mixers into headphones, CD players and the ENCO playout system all worked, and were used as part of the action too.