Hospitality Radio

Music is so often overlooked when it comes to designing the 'guest experience' the focus is often the provision of TV or interactive services but how often have you been in a hotel room or on a cruise and you just want to listen to great music.

Whether you're dressing for dinner, relaxing with a glass of wine, or indulging yourself in a hotel room or cabin with a good book, music compliments the moment and enhances the experience.

We supply a range of solutions, from multi-channel streaming machines allowing guests to choose any given musical genre to dedicated, specially designed bespoke automated radio stations, branded and designed to enhance your products and services in a format that is both familiar and comfortable to the listener.

Background Music Server

Background music is as important to a venue, space or retail establishment as the colour of the walls and the fixtures and fittings. Background music is the audio representation of your brand and the subliminal ingratiation with your customer... getting it wrong could be disastrous.

Our Background Music Server solutions provide up to 16 streams of simultaneous audio from a single machine - providing you with 16 different genres of music, or 16 individual zones. Because our systems are intelligent, the playlists (unlike spotify) do not become repetitive, they're different every time you listen.

You can choose to update the music yourself, or we also provide a managed solution, perfectly tailored to your brand and specification, where we provide updates either automatically or through a DVD delivered at a frequency to suit your needs.

Retail Radio

The obvious step up from a simple background music service, is a bespoke radio station. Customers are comfortable listening to radio as it feels familiar and it has some clear benefits for the retailer too.

With a retail radio station, you can advertise directly to the customer, even when they are browsing and not engaging with signage. You can promote events, offers and additional services, in short, you can engage with the customer at a much deeper level by implementing your own radio service.

Staff do not become bored with repetitive playlists, they're able to engage with the music and enjoy the content. Its a proven fact that people work better, more effectively and more efficiently in a retail environment when they are listening to music.