Concealing And Disguising Audio

Disguising and camouflaging audio systems is a real art, not only to integrate the hardware into the given environment, but to ensure that hardware still performs acoustically, with any camouflaging techniques being transparent to not interfere with sound reproduction.

We integrate audio systems into your retail or themed environment so the equipment used to relay sound, is hidden from view, creating the illusion that the sound is part of the fabric of the building, set or given space. Creating an integrated customer experience.

Camouflaging audio and visual systems is not just a technique for the theme park and leisure industry. There are many applications in which modern equipment needs to be integrated into the fabric of buildings and spaces. Listed buildings, churches and other historically sensitive spaces all require subtle and complementary treatments.

If required, we partner our camouflaged audio solutions with carefully designed playlists, made for each users individual and exacting needs, such as sound effects or even "audio masking" a technique where sound is artificially forced into a space to disguise other ambient noises.

Talk to our team today to discuss your hidden audio needs, we're here to help with many years of heritage and building regulations experience.

See the images to the right for examples of hidden and camouflaged audio systems.