ENCO 'DAD' Radio Software

We're the UK's leading suppliers, support agents and integrators of ENCO DAD, the industry leading audio and video, Radio and TV automation software. The award winning DAD delivers audio at over 8000 locations world-wide serving the most renowned broadcasters 24 hours a day. ENCO is recognised the world over as the first and only serious choice for audio delivery, automation and control.

ENCO 'MOM' TV Software

Software solutions for cable, satellite, local and online television providers. Content scheduling, automation and delivery. 'MOM' from ENCO is a powerful and versatile Media Operations Manager. MOM also delivers "Visual Radio" with our partners at MultiCam Systems. Automate your visual presence, switch cameras, add graphics and more while just presenting a standard radio show.

enCaption : Live Real Time Captioning and Subtitles

Live, real time closed captioning and subtitles for TV, radio and live events. Use our live captioning service at seminars, stage shows and in lecture theatres. Patented system, available NOW for the UK. Contact us today to find out more.

Show, Feature and Documentary Production

We produce audio for business and broadcasts, from radio program features to documentaries and podcasts. Our expert team of writers, producers and editors create compelling, engaging audio for your brand or project.

Radio For Hospitality, Retail & Industrial

Radio solutions designed for hospitality, retail and Industrial - In store and On Air. Enhance your brand and engage with your guests. Specially crafted services and formats creating a sense of belonging, ownership and brand awareness. Captivate the imagination of your audience. Create a sense of familiarity. Radio works... and we make it work for you.

Concealed Audio & Visual for Theme Parks and Retail

Design and installation of hidden and camouflaged audio systems for theme parks, public spaces and retail settings. Integrating audio and visual into the fabric of the surroundings, providing an immersive and engaging experience for the customer.

Studio and OB Vehicle design and construction

Design and construction of recording, radio and TV studios for local, community, cable business and education. Whatever kind of studio you need, we'll design and build it for you. State of the art technology, ergonomic designs, modern functional and on the budget you set.

TV and Film Set Design And Supply

Designing and building practical sets for TV and Film, ensuring technical accuracy, whether its a radio studio style set or a vehicle for outside broadcast scenes. Authenticity is KEY to to believability. See our work in Alan Partridge Alpha Papa, BBC TV Hospital People, Alan Partridge Mid Morning Matters and many more.

UAV Drone Filming, Photography and Detection

We are legal, registered CAA PfCO Drone/UAV operators. This means we can fly aerial filming equipment within the limitations imposed on domestic, pleasure users. Whats more, you can legally use our footage for commercial applications. In addition to filming and photography, we conduct surveys for agriculture and construction.

Education and Community

Software, management, studio design and installation for community and education radio and TV. We'll look after your daily programming to create a compelling, product into which your community can invest, a product that most importantly you can fund. We are the experts at Implementing broadcast standard techniques into education. Supporting life-long learning in a creative and engaging environment.

Press Office Contribution Systems

Radio and Television Press Office remote contribution solutions. Get your message to Radio and TV stations without leaving your own office. Provide interview content remotely and efficiently.

Wifi and Mesh Solutions

Wifi connectivity solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces, retail, education, health-care and hospitality. High speed internet connections and reliable data gathering tools to understand your customers needs, habits and trends.